Welcome to our newest SC2 player, 17 year old Terran; ROOT.AqueroN!

Published on 10/13/2018 17:07 PDT by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

Today we are very happy to announce a promising new player has joined our ranks, his name is Rubén "Aqueron" Villanueva, a young prospect (17) hailing from Spain, Rubén was originally a protege of the Spanish Armada; the legendary Duran Brothers (Vortix & Lucifron) who introduced him to StarCraft II.

Rubén is a very driven player who for a long time has been known for a VERY aggressive playstyle, however, this strength  slowly became one of his pitfalls in the long run. In recent history the youngster has been trying to explore other avenues and seek advice from more experienced players to become a stronger and more well-rounded player.

Not too long ago Rubén approached me (CatZ) for advice, it is rare, in particular for a non-zerg player to seek my advice, that alone caught my attention. Ruben seemed highly motivated, his drive was clear as day - what wasn't clear to me was if I thought he'd had what it took to become one of the best. When Rubén approached me, he wasn't looking to join ROOT either, he honestly just wanted to get better. I believe that when it comes to approach and how to get better at just about anything, the answer is most often within - we must understand our default approach and motivations in order to be able to lean on our strengths.

For this reason I asked Ruben to take a personality test (Myers Briggs), a tool I find helpful to get a better idea of how to navigate individuals that matter to me. After talking with him extensively and after he strongly "identified" with the test's proposed personality, approaches & tactics, the path in front of him seemed to have become considerably clearer. AqueroN was also very self-aware of his weaknesses and strengths, and even assesed himself similarly to how other peers saw him as a player, I thought at a young age this showed a lot of maturity. Rubén wasn't some lost soul crying about not understanding what was holding him back, but rather collecting perspectives to strengthen himself. I think that Rubén is a very intelligent, capable and driven individual who is ready to make the changes he needs to make in order to become the player he wants to be. Naturally after this acquainting process, I thought AqueroN would be an amazing addition to the team and a player that I am very excited to follow and help push on his journey to the top.

Hello, I'm Rubén "AqueroN" Villanueva, 17 years old StarCraft 2 player from Spain. I think ROOT Gaming is one of the best teams that SC2 has ever had, and since the start of the game, which is very admirable. So, when CatZ talked to me and said ROOT was interested, I didn't think it twice. I believe is a big step forward for me and a really good opportunity to improve, as I'm sure they'll help me in everything to become a great player. My goals right now are mainly improve my playstyle and try to get better and better in order to reach the highest level.

It is with great pleasure that we present to you ROOT.AqueroN! You can follow Rubén @ROOTAqueroN on twitter and find his stream at twitch.tv/aqueron.