Welcome ROOT Gaming's new player & partner, ROOT.NoRegreT

Published on 11/30/2018 10:02 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

Today we are elated to announce that the Two-Time GSL Code S Canadian Zerg player known as Jake "NoRegret" Umpleby is not only joining ROOT Gaming as a player, but also our management team as a partner. In such capacity he will handle operations from Korea. Project unity will be branded onwards as ROOT-Unity. 

Our intention is to make both projects stronger while actively maintianing true to their form and essence. The ROOT-Unity house in Korea will continue to be managed by Jake and aim to continue open to housing profesionals of all teams and nationalities. Furthermore, we have plans to make the house available to top Korean amateurs as a means to support growth within the Korean SC2 scene.

Here are some words by Jake on joining the team;
"What's up guys, NoRegreT here. Really excited to be joining ROOT as both a player but also as a partner. I think together we can accomplish a lot more in terms of events and sponsors, I am really excited to be working together with CatZ, we can come up with a lot of amazing ideas for content and I feel we can accomplish a lot together. We've got a lot of content planned including the lifeline tournament, memes and dreams and anonymous. so keep an eye on our partnership!"

Without further due, we present to you the ROOT-Unity house's December!

But of course that isn't all, as Jake hinted at, we have assembled a great lineup of content to celebrate this month, starting as early as December 1st & 2nd with back-to-back "Anonymous" tournaments. As usual, events ran from the ROOT-Unity house in Korea will be broadcasted live on Scarlett's stream (twitch.tv/ScarlettM). The one exception this month will be a very special edition of "Anonymous" this December 2nd to be hosted during an unprecedented marathon-event, put together by Twitch and Universal Records, featuring universal recording artists and high profile gamers. The event, almost exclusively local, plans to make an exception for StarCraft II (through ROOT Gaming) to "go international", with just CatZ casting live from the venue (Capitol Records Tower, Hollywood) and NoRegret casting & producing the tournament from the ROOT-Unity house in Seoul. We are happy to have been given this opportunity to start our partnership with a bang, as well as reaching out a wider audience to spread the game we love as well as our brand. To catch the event and help us make some noise, be sure to check out www.twitch.tv/streamitforward at 8PM KST on Dec 2.

As you can see we were serious about having a lot planned out for you! We are also actively designing and planning "The Lifeline Tournament" an event that promises to re-define fun in StarCraft 2. We aren't done with announcements just yet, so be sure to follow @ROOT4ROOT on twitter to keep up to date!

Don't forget to follow our new partner NoRegret @ROOTNoRegreT (Twitter) & https://www.twitch.tv/noregret (Twitch)

Last but not least, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have supported over the years and welcome those just about to start. We have goals & ambitions to grow the team in 2019 and believe that Jake joining us is an important step forward to re-defining our brand's position in the space. #ROOT4ROOT!!