Welcome home David!

Published on 12/01/2018 01:43 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

David isn't the best player out there, in fact for pro standards let's be real; he's kinda shitty. He's a relatively "small" streamer in the space and to make things worse; He plays Protoss.

So why is David joining? Why are we signing THIS particular guy? Well let us tell you then - Despite having relatively low viewership, David has an incredible community around him - with over 250 subscribers he is on the upper end of non-partnered streamers. David is an individual full of passion and emotion - he is loyal to his viewers and friends he likes to call the "squad". PvP is a playful dude always looking to have fun; the man can take a punch too, Just be as long as he knows he's loved also.. so full disclosure - David we f*cking love you!

David is the heart & spirit of all that ROOT Gaming represents and stands for; a community driven, friendly, caring, optimistic and hard-working individual. While real and infectuos enthusiasm is true of David at his peaks, you are sure to find relatable lows. David understands how to use his dissapointment as fuel, but to do that, one must first be dissapointed first; You could say that David can be pretty hard on himself sometimes.

Motivation is David's middle name - and despite the shade we threw his way earlier; he is still a high level player (on the cusp of GM) who takes pride in his game knowledge (has a lot of it), so don't think that you'll join his stream and get out unscaved from learning a few tricks, cause this mofo will TEACH. We think that David is underappreciated in our space and want to help him change that ASAP.

Here's some words from PvP himself;
Hey peeps, I'm David and some of you may know me as PvP, a daily protoss streamer, content creator and tournament caster. As of late, my efforts have been focused on producing quality entertainment as well as training for a good position on the Grand Master Ladder and beyond. Having such an incredible legacy, support system and a belief in me as a player and streamer, joining ROOT is a humbling honor. I can guarantee that you will all witness some great content and even better gameplay from me as ROOT PvP! 

Here's some words from CatZ on David joining;
He wants to be Sasuke, but he is Rock Lee.

Remember to follow David on his road to get and retain Grand Master! @Gosu_PvP (Twitter) and twitch.tv/gosu_pvp (Twitch)

For once, you're the one being welcomed to the Squad; ROOT.PvP!