Search Games by Unit Comp: WCS Winter Americas & GSL Super Tournament 1

Published on 06/10/2019 11:40 PDT by Firnafth

Looking for pro examples of a particular unit composition? We've got you covered here with a way to search all games from WCS Winter Americas and GSL Super Tournament 1. Select a race, whether you are interested in harassment, attacks, or defense, and the units you want to see, and this visualization will show you all of the players and games that used that set of units. Each individual game, represented by a dot, can be moused-over for details and clicked on to take you directly to a timestamped VOD of the game*.

*VODs appear to no longer be available for the three following WCS Winter Americas Ro8 Round Robin matches: Neeb vs. Probe, puCK vs. TIME, Cham vs. Scarlett. The replay pack for WCS Winter, however, includes all games and is available here.

Data Source

We collected data by watching VODs of all games played for 2019 WCS Winter Americas (n=235 games) and the 2019 GSL Super Tournament 1 (n=65 games). For each game, we notated the players, matchup, winner, and game duration; during the games we also notated the first four nonsupply buildings built by each player and any proxies attempted; and we tallied all attacks, their initiator, whether the attack was harassment or not, and its general unit composition as well as the unit composition used to defend against it.

For fully detailed methods, see this document.

For raw data, see the WCS Winter Americas spreadsheet and the GSL Super Tournament 1 spreadsheet.