ROOT Welcomes Robbie "Tesla" Plata

Published on 01/29/2019 10:00 PST by Topher Doll

ROOT is excited to welcome Robbie "Tesla" or "Rob" Plata into the fold today. Many of you may know Tesla from his impressive results representing Temple University in the Collegiate Starleague where he helped the team to two 2nd place finishes and a championship in 2018. He is also a regular at Cheesadelphia where he even had a top 8 finish in 2018. Tesla has been an strong player of Starcraft 2 for years now, having made GM at age 15. Since then he's been a staple of the NA ladder and online cup scene as well.

Now Tesla has a few thoughts of his own:

Hello my name is Robbie Plata my AKAs are Rob and Tesla. I’m honored to join a team that I have held in such high regards since its inception. You may recognize me easiest as a frequent of Ladder Heros tournaments, Cheeseadelphia or ladder.  I have had a lot of fond memories of ROOT; I remember how exciting it was to learn CatZ, Drewbie, TT1 and Fenix established a team house together in Florida through AskJoshy videos. When KiWiKaKi discovered the vortex archon meta that was apart of Wings of Liberty for its whole life. I remember Minigun slapping me around on Wings of Liberty ladder but occasionally getting the proxy gates win vs him on Ohana LE. I remember playing vs CatZ with only mass blink stalkers on Heart of the Swarm before he could build swarm hosts (which I hated). 

Since then I’ve grown a lot as a player. I’ve made a lot of strides in my own gameplay at the end of HOTS and into the begining of Legacy of the Void. I went to college in Philadelphia but continued playing this wonderful game. I went to my first Cheesadelphia event and met a lot of cool people who are still friends to this day. Because of this, we established a CSL team Temple University that continues to dominate the league. I also joined a team called Rival. At that time, players like Cuddlebear and CalebAracous really stressed my game in internal team tournaments and forced me to add depth to my gameplay. Later I joined a team called Team Ascension which later became Sloth Esports. There I had an elite team with players like Gametime, Pokebunny, Raze, Suppy, Dolan just to name a few. Those players helped push my game. They helped make me the player I am today. I didn’t just grow as a player throughout these years, but I grew as a person. I’ve learned how to deal with defeat, and I’ve learned to take one game at a time. Lately players like pucK have really helping me to improve as a player mechanically. pucK and Future helped me discover that my biggest obstacle ahead, is game knowledge and the ability to react properly in unknown situations. I am working on these parts of my gameplay to live up to my potential and to execute for this team which I hold in such high regards. 

I hope that my addition to ROOT will foster a more competitive atmosphere for growth and improvement, like it was in the past. With more and more prize money flowing into tournaments like Cheeseadelphia and Psistorm cup, my conservative goal is to make ro4 in one of these tournaments. I also believe I will be a WCS Challenger this year. I believe that I will achieve these goals with the tweaks I am currently making in my gameplay. 

Thank you ROOT for this opportunity.

We in the ROOT community look forward to seeing what Rob can do going forward and are excited for his future.

Rob plans on streaming more often, you will be able to find him and follow him at: