MC joins ROOT!!

Published on 02/04/2019 05:52 PST by Paulo "CatZ" Vizcarra

ROOT Gaming is ecstatic to announce that the one and only BossToss, MC, will be joining the team!

That means that the first order of business (and the boss is all business) is for you to get ready to #ROOT4MC !

Min Chul (as if you didn't know) is one of the most decorated players of ALL TIME. DreamHack, HSC, RedBull, IEM, IPL, WCS, GSL, he's played in them all - and he is one of very few that can claim he's also won them all.

After a somewhat long break from pro-gaming to become a coach, MC recently came back hungry for the one title that has eluded him, Blizzcon. 

He has already managed to qualify for the GSL Code S; the most prestigious tournament in the world. You can watch MC battle through his group (February 8, 1:30 PST) here.

There's little that we can say about his motivations moving forward that the BossToss couldn't say better himself and, for that reason, ROOT.NoRegret recently went to visit and sat down with Min-Chul for a welcome interview:

As you may have heard, MC recently got drafted for his military service - We're proud to announce that the BossToss can (and plans on) postponing his service until further notice. We here at ROOT Gaming we will keep you updated with additional information as it's available.

You might be getting sick of good news at this point, but we're not, so hold on to your seat because the legend himself will be streaming regularly on Twitch! So much so, that we can give you a good idea of when;

On most days (provided that there is no conflicting tournaments or extraordinary circumstances) you will be able to find WhyManMC streaming here, so be sure to follow and subscribe to this legend of the game!

You can expect most streams to start/end around:

6am - 11am PST

11pm - 4am KST

3pm - 8pm CET

Thank you everyone for being a part of our family and joining us in welcoming Min-Chul! And if you haven't, be sure to also follow him on twitter, and DO NOT (under any circumstance) betray him.