GSL 2019 Season 2 Semi-Finals - Classic vs Trap.

Published on 06/12/2019 05:19 PDT by Saxon "Saxy" Durrant

Eight becomes four, with us heading into serious crunch time in GSL season two. These four players, Classic, Trap, Hurricane and Dark have all secured spots in next seasons GSL with their semi-final appearances. They've all deserved their place and have shown some incredible play to get here so far.

If you want to catch up with their stories of how they got here, every single group from the round of 32, round of 16 and round of eight has a battle report available on this same website!

Apart from Hurricane, all three of these players reached the semi-finals last season. With such a strong field of players surrounding them, it's a testament to their skill that they have managed to reach back to back semi-finals. Lets take a look at the updated bracket.

Credit - Liquipedia.

Today we have the opening PvP, Classic vs Trap. In a mirror match up often looked down upon by spectators, PvP has reached a crazy proxy pinnacle in Korea. With proxying the normal, some weird situations have been had, such as two proxy buildings warped in only metres from each other. It's a match up that whilst usually short, is action packed.

Credit - AfreecaTV.

Classic played an all out offense based series to get to the semi-finals, chewing through soO in double speed to see him advance 3-1. He now meets a player who in GSL Season 1 gave him virtually no problems at all. Classic met Trap in both group stages, beating Trap 2-0 and then 2-1 in fairly convincing fashion. Recent results against other players are also encouraging for our MKers player, two 2-0 wins against Hurricane in this season stack up well with wins over Patience and sOs in super tournament. There's barely a bad word to put against Classic's PvP, sitting at a series win record of 72% out of 18 series played.

Quietly sitting as the underdog in this series, Trap stands between Classic and perhaps his last chance at GSL gold. The Jin Air player continues one (if not the) of his most impressive years of his career, matching his semi-final performance of last season. There he was unceremoniously bopped by Maru 4-0 and he will be hoping for a better result today. Beating the last Terran INnoVation 3-2 to make it here, Trap has looked confident and deadly in his groups and is now at the point where his underdog status will shed. Our Jin Air player, despite the defeats to Classic last season is statistically the worse PvP player, with a series record of 28-12, which is a 70% win record. This is 2% worse than Classic but with more than double the series played.

I expect six games to be played tonight, with Classic winning 4-2. I think we'll see some macro games in the midst of the proxies and it will be one series for Protoss players especially not to miss out on.

Classic vs Trap - PvP

Map One – King’s Cove.

With a 6-1 offline record in Classic’s favor, two of which came this year, the omens were once again with our MKers player. Probes shuttled around the map to begin, with Classic going for a proxy pylon and stargate on the south side close to Trap. Adepts came from both sides and skirmished in the middle of the map, before Classic’s oracle came in and destroyed six probes of Trap. An instant natural nexus was taken by Classic, with a robotics and warp prism on the agenda for Trap. Our Jin Air player was still behind on workers though and didn’t push, instead preferring to take his own natural. He was playing with a disadvantage from here though, still five workers down at the six minute mark.

Forges went down for both sides, with Trap sacrificing a warp prism for only three probes. The game was harassment based, Trap sacrificing adepts to take the worker lead for the first time in the game. Classic went on the offence from here though, combining a warp prism with stasis wards to great effect. Pushing on +2, Trap cancelled the third of Classic but couldn’t take a fight. There was action everywhere, with Classic looking to once again expand to his third. Both sides postured in the middle of the map, with our Mkers player sitting on five immortals to only one of Trap. Trap had to push being a base behind now and the eventual fight happened up the ramp of Classic’s third. The immortal advantage shone through for our Mkers player, who won the fight to take a 1-0 lead in this semi-final.

Our opening game ended with a lovely gigantic brawl.
Credit - AfreecaTV.

Map Two – GSL Cobalt.

GSL Cobalt is our strange four player map and with the players spawning both on the right side, the potential for a long game was very real. With no proxy pylons from either side, we saw Classic’s stargate meet the reactionary stargate of Trap. Classic committed into phoenix whilst Trap transitioned into blink. With blink finished Trap looked to push but met an immortal, retreating into a third base with another longer PvP now on our hands. Thirds were made, attack upgrades were researched and immortals made as both players powered. Trap committed at the 10 minute mark though in a somewhat surprise attack, moving into a Classic army before it met a critical mass of immortals. With three immortals to the zero of his own, Trap committed in but was frankly stomped. Classic emerged wildly ahead with a massive army advantage. 

Two minutes later and Classic put his foot down, Trap going for a base trade knowing he was down in army composition and supply. Classic went down to a single worker, with Classic splitting up his army in three spots. It proved to be his downfall, Trap just winning the scrappy three pronged fight to see Classic recall home without immortals and blink. It was a battle of only a few units at this point, Trap utilising blink to it’s full potential to pull off a major upset (or throw) to tie up this semi-final.

Two archons and three stalkers vs three zealots and five stalkers. Place your bets.
Credit - AfreecaTV.

Map Three – Thunderbird.

Classic brought out an alternate build in our third game, a one gate expansion meeting Trap’s standard two gate. Two stargates clashed once more, with Trap able to pump out more initial units but with Classic on the better economy. A small pressure by Trap was defended well by Classic, who also found Trap’s two oracles and destroyed them. It prompted Trap into a big stalker attack, backed by a prism. It looked dangerous but Classic showed some amazing defence oncemore, taking a third base to propel him into the lead. It was a similar situation to the second game and Trap managed to win that, could he do the same for a second game in a row? The answer was a flat and punctual no, Classic pushing out two minutes later to see him once again take the lead in this series.

Some great defensive work saw Classic hold this aggression from Trap.
Credit - AfreecaTV.

Map Four – Turbo Cruise ‘84.

Map four or should I say map forge? Using the same spot that Classic used against soO Trap went for it and the outside base cannon went into an in-base pylon. If you’re ever lost to a cannon rush make note of this response though. An instant forge and pylon to block the ramp, with Classic then surrounding the probe as it built a cannon. Trap couldn’t get back into the base and in a somewhat embarrassing fashion called out the gg. In an instant we had gone to 3-1, Classic on match point.

Map Five – New Repugnancy.

We weren’t going quite as proxy crazy as expected, no initial proxy pylons leading into different openers. A three gate ropbotics from Trap met a stargate expand from Classic. It automatically placed Trap into an advantage as he gunned down the nexus without a fight. The contain was continued as Classic only fell further and further behind with every second. The seventh minute saw the contain broken, Classic going into glaives timing to try and decimate his opponent. It was all or nothing but Classic started 10 army supply down. The fight went as well as it could have but Trap stayed in a massive advantage, Trap powering on for the next minutes until the move out came. He was double in supply by this point at the 11th minute, crushing through to send us into map six.

Map Six – Kairos Junction.

I won’t lie, I really want Classic to win this one just so my prediction is right. Normal two gate openings saw a sentry stalker from both sides. We’d see the same thing from map five though, Classic’s stargate meeting another three gate robotics build. Classic scouted and cancelled the nexus, throwing down an instant robotics facility. It placed him in a much better position than the previous map, where the three gate went unscouted. Trap pressured behind a nexus and in the space of a minute, everything went wrong for Classic. He lost a prism, followed by an immortal with two big mistakes sending him far behind. Disruptors came from Classic but with phoenix coming from Trap he seemed to have all his bases covered. It was a passive few minutes from here, with a third coming from Trap as both players powered up. It would all come down to these disruptor hits. “If Classic wins from here, colour me impressed” Tasteless said. Trap eventually shoved and it lead to one of the most impressive fights in this season of GSL. 

Classic’s phoenix count was higher than Trap’s and he managed to zone his opponents phoenix, landing some key disruptor shots to slowly bring the supplies even. My mouth went into a gape at this point as Classic had somehow brought this back from the brink. With phoenix going across the map and reducing Trap’s worker lead, both players then armed into more phoenix and archons. It was a tense few minutes, with Trap still slightly ahead but the possibility of disruptors ever present. It was a decisive fight a few minutes later that pulled Trap into game seven though, a warp prism distracting the phoenix count, giving him just enough time to engage into Classic’s army. Trap lifted the disruptors to see the zealots storm in and send this epic series into a final map.

Disruptors make everything exciting. Do yourself a favour and watch this fight at least.
Credit - AfreecaTV.

Map Seven – Cyber Forest.

Tensions ran high in a best of seven, with both players making a proxy pylon near each other. Both players scouted the others pylon though, subsequently no player building tech at their pylon. Classic went into a stargate whilst Trap through down a robotics facility. There was no third gateway for Trap however, both players expanding to their naturals. Both sides did not sit back though, both Protoss mains losing three and four probes to adepts. Four probes went down for Trap from oracles as both players sat on two bases and powered. By seven minutes 30 Classic had a 10 supply advantage but meant minimal in this Protoss arming race. Third bases came down for both sides as this series hurtled toward a thrilling PvP one big massive fight conclusion. 

Trap got aggressive at the 11 minute mark, both sides trading evenly. Classic then got aggressive and eventually bluffed his way into the main, but once again army splits proved to be Classic’s downfall. He lost in both sides and went down 40 supply, Trap countering to kill Classic’s third. A zealot run by killed Trap’s natural but it wasn’t as effective, Trap powering ahead on minerals. Trap postured for the killing blow, swinging his axe to decapitate this seasons GSL favourite in a comeback win, 4-3. 

What an end, Classic perhaps will be blaming himself for several key mistakes which saw him game two and the final game. Trap won’t care though, he finds himself in his first ever GSL final.

In what seemed like a great bluff, Classic moved into the natural of Trap.
Credit - AfreecaTV.

Classic 3-4 Trap.

Trap advances to the finals.

Game of the Day: Game Six.

GSL Code S continues with Semi-Final #2, Hurricane vs Dark on Saturday the 15th of June at 13:00 KST.

All stats courtesy of @CodeSFacts on Twitter, Aligulac and Liquipedia. All pictures courtesy of AfreecaTV.