Chatter Plots: Protoss Proxies in Midyear GSL

Published on 10/30/2019 04:42 PDT by Firnafth

This summer, we notated all proxy buildings made by Protoss players in both the GSL Super Tournament 1 and GSL Season 2. We logged a total of 248 Protoss player-games and found that 69 (28%) of those included proxied production or tech structures. (For this analysis, we eliminated games with only proxied Pylons, as well as those with just cannon rushes or proxy nexuses.)

Every one of the 12 Protoss players in the dataset made proxied production/tech during at least a couple of their games. By far the most energetic proxier was sOs who used these strategies half the time. Zest and Classic had the highest winrates using proxied structures, 75% and 85% respectively (wow, Classic is a beast!).

Protoss players threw out all sorts of building shenanigans against their opponents.  Sometimes they even snuck out late tech structures like a Templar Archives or a Robotics Bay. They were very likely to proxy Stargates against each other and Gateways against Terrans. No single structure predominated against Zergs, and overall proxies were less common against them.

A third of the games (25 out of 69) with proxied tech/production involved more than one kind of proxied building. 22 of those involved two kinds of proxied building; one game involved three kinds and two games involved four. Every combination of common structures occurred - in the network visualization below, buildings connected by lines were proxied together at least once, and the thicknesses of the lines indicate the number of games with each combination. Note that the most common combination is the paired Twilight Council and Dark Shrine.

Data Collection and Analysis

We collected data by watching VODs of all games played for the 2019 GSL Super Tournament 1 (n=65 games) and the 2019 GSL Season 2 (n=182 games). For each game, we notated the players, matchup, winner, and game duration; during the games we also notated the first four nonsupply buildings built by each player and any proxies attempted; and we tallied all attacks, their initiator, whether the attack was harassment or not, and its general unit composition as well as the unit composition used to defend against it.

For fully detailed methods, see this document.

For raw data, see 2019 GSL Super Tournament 1 and 2019 GSL Season 2.